Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everyday Life

Our life is not that exciting.  And I'm okay with that.  I get enough drama at work, I don't need it at home.  Here are some pictures from our everyday happenings.

Olivia got some great headbands from her day care provider for her birthday and I thought it would be funny to put them on incorrectly and take pictures.  She seemed to enjoy it.
O has really started to become a mama's girl.  She is all about mom doing everything for her.  And she has really started to like having her picture taken.  So here we are, food on the face and all.
Just a little light reading for the bathroom (US Weekly - my guilty pleasure).
She loved having daddy slide her around on the floor while riding in the storage containers.
John has O's bicycle helmet on his head.  I don't know why.  O hasn't quite figured out the game of bowling so she just stands the pins up and then holds the ball in her hand as she knocks down the pins.  We really should take her to an alley so she can see how it actually works.

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Mom said...

The cutest girl ever! I love the shots at the beginning cuz she looks like a 60's hippee!