Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bragging on my Daughter

For our anniversary a few weeks ago John and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert (awesome!) and left O with our friend, Me Too, and her son for the evening.  I received the following e-mail and wanted to put it out there because I am so proud of O and it appears that J and I are doing something right.  With the exception of being very stubborn when it came to bed time it sounds like she was a very polite little girl.

I know you probably already know all the cute thigns your daughter does, but I know I love hearing random little stories about L, and I wanted to share with you all the cute stories about O. . .

Around our alphabet foam playing mat are strips of foam that border the letters.  She found a couple of these border pieces, sat on the floor with them and said "Fott" and I was like "Foot?" "Yes. Foot." And then she was trying to put them on her feet. It was only then that I realized those border pieces look like really big versions of the dividers you use on your toes when you paint your toenails!!! Takes a child to show you something new in your home!!

She also said "thank you" and "please" for EVERYTHING. HOw did you teach her to be so polite? "Eat." She asked, pointing at her diaper bag. "Please. Eat." Then walked to the table and climbed onto a chair. I brought her goldfish to her, opened the container and placed it on the table. She ate for a few minutes, then took the lid, put it on the container (partway! :)) and said "Thank you". before getting down. Soooo cute!

When we headed to the pack n play bed about 9:30 ish, I had one of L's TTU blankets beside the pack n play in case she needed one (her pink) to hold and one to cover her. The first thing she said when we went in the room was "no" and pointed at the blanket. I moved the blanket away from the pack and play and again she pointed at it and said "no." I think her Daddy would be very proud to know that his little girl was very adamant that she did not want a Texas Tech blanket near her when she was sleeping!! :)

She helped pick up all the toys she was playing with - mainly blocks like the ones she has at "home" (or so she kept telling me!!) :) After we had finished cleaning up and moved on to another room, she found a block in that room, walked over to the zipped-up block bag and said "help" so that I could open it and she could put it away properly. What a considerate house guest - making sure her whole mess is cleaned up! (Oh, and the bag full of blocks was "heavy". I am so amazed at her vocabulary! So many words and so clearly said!)

I thought you might be potty training her bc she grabbed my hand and said "pee pee". "Did you go pee pee?" I asked, thinking that was maybe her way to tell me her diaper was too full. "No." Shakes her head. "Pee pee." "Do you need to go on the potty?" "yes." and walks to the bathroom. "Do you want to go on the potty?" "Yes. Pee pee." and points to the toilet. We don't have a little potty, so I thought, well, let's give this a shot on the big one!! She took off her pants, I took off her diaper and I held her up on the toilet. She looked a little bewildered and after about a minute said "No pee pee. Down." so either I did something wrong or she didn't have to go after all. (And I don't even know if you are potty training her - I may have gotten it completely wrong!!)

When I was lying next to her on the floor trying to get her to sleep, I asked if she wanted me to tell her a story. "Yes please." So I did. I told her a childrens story that I had started writing a few months ago, but had stopped because I could not figure out what hte heck was going to happen next. Talking out loud to her, I was able to see where the story should go and how it should end!! Although she didn't give me alot of feedback :) I think she really helps with the creative process. If its ever published, she's getting an acknowledgment in the booK!! :)

There were probably more cute-as-heck moments, but these are the ones off the top of my head that I remember. And I am so sorry I couldn't get her to sleep earlier. I felt so bad for her and tried to make her as comfortable as possible, but I think nothing beats home and Momma. Besides the bed thing, she really was easy and sweet. And I would baby sit her again anytime. (Even at nighttime - I'll figure a way to get her to sleep somehow!) Glad you were able to take a night out :)

Now if we can only get her to act the same way at home . . .


Cindy said...

that was a great post!

Me Too said...

They are always better with others, arent they? She was adorable, tho!

Mom said...

This is so adorable! Yep, yep, yep - O sure does take after her momma! Me Too was so sweet to share all of this. I loved it! She is a talented writer.