Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you in labor?

The answer is no. 

This is one of the most common questions I get either when I call someone or receive a text.  At 35 weeks along today the boys could really come at any time but from what I can tell they are in there for the long haul.  They are much too comfortable and content to kick both each other and me.

Our NST's continue to go well.  Both usually pass fairly quickly so I can usually get in and out of the hospital in 30-45 minutes.  BPP's are fine too.  Our next one is tomorrow and our next growth ultrasound is next Thursday.  I'm eager to see how big they think they are.

On another note my sister-in-law, Sam, had her two girls today.  She had a scheduled C-section this morning and everything went very well.  She was approximately 38.5 weeks along.  I can't even imagine.  But both girls are very healthy at 7 lbs 4 oz and 6 lbs (either 6 oz or 11 oz - John couldn't remember) with full heads of hair and chubby cheeks.  Sam is doing well too.  She and Adam add them to their two older kids Courtney and Billy.  I am so excited for them and to think that she had almost 14 pounds of baby in there when she delivered is incredible to me.  I've told her that she is my hero.

ETA: The girls were actually 7'2" and 6'14".


Jenn said...

Sorry I call and text you every day. :-( have to teach and tell me EVERYTHING.

Me Too said...

"Are you in labor" is one my least favorite questions. I stopped answering the phone or calling anyone at 36 weeks just so I wouldn't have to deal with it. My ABSOLUTE least fave is "How ARE you feeling?"

Im fine. Im pregnant, not sick. You can ask how I am, just dont act as if I need sympathy. I don't.

Ok. Off my soapbox.

Glad to hear the NST's are going great. Do you at least have good magazines to read while you are there? I can grab some smut from the plane if you need some celebrity news. :)

Congrats to your sis in law. She's my hero - 14 pounds of baby! WOW!!

J, B, O, J & Z said...

Oh, hell, I don't care if people ask if I'm in labor. It's fun to mess with them sometimes, as I did with you Jenn. But the "How are you feeling" is getting old.

And yes, mags from the plane would be awesome. For some reason I really love the Spirit magazine. =)