Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

They say in their ads that Chuck E. Cheese is a place "Where a Kid can be a Kid".  In our case it was a place where parents can be a kid and "Where our Kid can be a Scaredycat".

We took O last week for some pizza and fun and our local establishment and while she said she had fun as we were leaving I really don't think that was true.  She was scared of the noisy games and rides so we didn't even bother taking her over to see the animated Chuck E. Cheese.  She barely even wanted to watch us play the games.
 She seemed to enjoy the pizza though.

So John and I ended up using all the tokens to play and somehow she got to choose all the prizes.  How does that work?!
Hmm, what to pick?
She loves her Nerds.  
Dad's excited!
O shared her Tootsie Pops.


Mom said...

These are great pictures of my sweet Livi, BUT especially awesome of John! :-)

Mom said...

You do realize that her fear of loud noises, etc. will pass soon after the boys are born?!!

kristen said...

I love that she was scared of Chuck E Cheese games and noises. That is too adorable. She'll grow out of it in no time!

Can't wait to meet the boys!

Love, Kristen