Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Olivia is 3!

Olivia turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and we had a party for her with several of her friends able to make it. We had a lot of fun and her brothers enjoyed their first birthday party even though they both slept through part of it. We had lots of extra hands to hold them and I don't remember even seeing either one of them for a couple of hours. It was odd but kind of nice to have a break and let everyone else enjoy them. 

We opened presents after everyone had left and I didn't think to get pictures.  She got several Zhu Zhu pets and the Zhu Zhu pet princess castle and carriage, lots of stickers and activity books, one of those sit on bouncy balls (that she adores) and several other things.  We really need to get rid of some stuff to accommodate all the new items she received.
We got a bunch of balloons and pink and purple decorations
My sister and parents were able to come out for the party

The set up for our ice cream sundae bar!  We had chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces, mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles to top the ice cream as well as fruit and marshmallow cream dip to go along with the cake.
We were singing to her.  She wasn't quite sure she liked that.

She wanted a cake with pink and purple horses on it but the best I could come up with were My Little Pony decorations.  She picked out the other Minnie Mouse decorations to add to it.  It was kind of a strange themed party with a My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse cake, and Backyardigan, Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse balloons.

At 3, Olivia is going on 13.  I went into a lot about her in the previous post but some days the things she says make me wonder where she came from! I'll "blame" some of it on her father.  I can only imagine what she is going to be like as a teenager with the attitude she throws at us at times.  But all in all she is awesome.  She is a good kid and a great big sister.  I can't wait to see the girl/teenager/woman she will turn into.

The other big news in Olivia's world is that she is now pacifier free! Woohoo! I hated that thing. The Paci Pixie came a few days after her birthday and left her a present for giving up her pacifier. We put the pacifier in a bowl and left it just outside her bedroom door for the Pixie just like we left treats for Santa and the Easter Bunny. When O went to bed she didn't whine or ask for it once and hasn't since. It's been awesome. I didn't think it was going to be this easy! I think it helped that she could understand what was going on and was (kind of) ready for it.
One last picture of her with her pacifier.  We also removed the barriers on her bed so now she is in the "day bed" set up.

The day before O's party our friends Andi and Kyle had a 2nd birthday party for their son Landon.  It was at our local splash pad and we had a really fun time.  O loves going to parks but still isn't quite sure about the water.  We can't get her to get her face wet at all.  I am not looking forward to ever getting her into swimming lessons!

Landon got Elmo and Cookie Monster cakes.  He loved the singing and wanted us to sing more so we sang "Happy Birthday" twice.
Ashlee enjoyed her Elmo cupcake!

So did Olivia.  She even had some Cookie Monster cupcake too.  She has a sweet tooth just like her mom.

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Mom said...

Adorable ... of course! Paci Pixie is amazing ... just like the garbage men with Danny's pacifier! :-) It's so nice when these things work out without a hitch. :-)