Friday, July 29, 2011

Just one of them days

Actually, it's just one of them two days.

We got our water bill from the city a couple of weeks ago and when I FINALLY looked at it, just a couple days before it was due, I realized that it was higher than normal. 

Not just slightly higher.


I immediately called our city's finance department to see what was up.  They were very nice about it and said they would transfer me to the water department because it is possible there was a leak and that's what made it go up.  One transfer later, and another very nice lady, I am on the schedule to have a water technician come out and check our meter. 

But they said it could take a week to get that done.  In the meantime I'm thinking that if there is a leak I don't want it to get worse and the ceiling come down on one of my kids.  Even though we haven't noticed any sort of water damage anywhere.

So I call a plumber yesterday.  They are going to send someone out today between 8 a.m. and noon.  Fine.  I work from home today so no big deal.

Get home from work last night and I walk into an 86 degree house.  What the?!  The A/C is blowing but not cooling.  Son of a bitch!  That's just what we need.

So I call the A/C company we've used in the past and someone was here within an hour.  The guy is great.  Does all his little stuff to figure out what is wrong including climbing into the attic.  Turns out our motor is shot and the drains need to be cleaned.

Of course the manufacturer, Carrier, makes their A/Cs as difficult as possible to get into and needing a special motor.  But we need it fixed.  You can't live in Phoenix without an A/C.  Not gonna happen.

Well, the guy can fix it but it won't happen until today.  What to do then?

Pack the kiddos up and head to a hotel.  No way are we staying in the house with a 3 year old, two 5 month olds and nothing but fans to blow around hot air. 

Luckily there is a hotel close and I had a $100 off a repair for the A/C so essentially our room was free.

That's about as far as our luck goes although the plumber got here and discovered that there was in fact a leak but only in our drip system.  I am so glad it wasn't something in the walls, ceiling, or under the concrete which he said it could have been.

So we're out about $1250 and counting. 

They say bad things come in 3's.  I'm hoping the third one decides to skip over us.  We really don't need it!

On a positive note, the kids did awesome in the hotel.  The boys shared a sofabed and didn't roll all over each other.  John got his own bed and I shared with Olivia.   When we were leaving this morning Liv told us that she wants to go to that hotel again.  I said that I hope we don't ever have to stay there again.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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Baby Mama said...

UGH!!! Hope things are looking up!!