Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aunt Manny & Kristen's Visit

My Aunt Manny and cousin Kristen came out to visit a couple of weeks ago.  My family is awesome!  This is the second of my aunt's (and first cousin) to come out since the boys were born to help out with housework and cooking because Lord knows it's not getting done that well without some help.  =)

We had a lot of fun with them and they did an incredible job of (along with my mom) cleaning my entire house and cooking some delicious food.  I am so incredibly thankful that they wanted to do this for John and me.

The boys enjoyed meeting their great aunt Manny and Kristen.  In typical form Jake charmed the pants off of them from the get-go with his smiles and laughing and generally outgoing personality.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this but you can imagine.

Zach was true to form as well.  He quietly observed everything before becoming comfortable with the changes.  It didn't take long to warm up to Manny or Kristen.

While they were in town John and I took the opportunity to take Olivia on a "staycation".  We went to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge so that we could float on the lazy river, swim, and relax.  Liv got to sleep in the king size bed with us and she had a great time hanging out in the pool with Daddy.  She has already told us she wants to go back to the hotel.  I was glad we were able to give her some 1 on 1 time for a while.  Some days she needs it more than others.

Most of you know that I am NOT a fan of dressing twins in matching clothes, especially when they are fraternal.  I will coordinate but not match the boys.  There are some exceptions.  We received these as a gift and I had to get a shot of them in it.  Most of the time they wear these to sleep in or at different times but here is the token picture of them in them at the same time.

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