Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 Month Update

The boys had their 4 month check-up and Olivia had her 3 year check-up last week.  I have big kids.

Jake weighed in at 16' 12.5" (75th percentile) and was 27" long (95th percentile).  Zach is a little leaner at 14' 14" (45th percentile) and 26.5" (88th percentile).  The nurse practitioner that we see said they were "long and lean".  She doesn't have to carry Jake around every day though.  Compared to Olivia though, at 4 months they are lightweights!  She was almost 19 pounds at this point but only 25.5" so they definitely have her in the height category.  Not really a surprise.
Had to get them in their Baylor onesies.  Sic 'em Bears!
Zach was trying to maneuver himself to better see the TV.
Jake "doing work" as Olivia would say.
 We have started them on solids.  Kind of.  We have given them peas so far and they aren't huge on them but are getting better at the whole eating with a spoon thing.  Only about 3/4 of what I give them ends up on them now.  This is how I feed them.  Jake tends to be more interested in the toys and is much more overdramatic as far as gagging goes.  But that's not a surprise.  He's our diva!
Sweet Olivia is definitely in her terrible threes.  Lots of "No!" and "Why?" come out of her mouth to the point where I just want to shoot myself.  I suppose it is to be expected though.  And then she goes and redeems herself by sitting nicely with her little brother and asking if I want to take a picture. Yes, please!
At 3 years old she is 36.8 pounds (90th percentile) and 38 1/2 inches tall (76th percentile).

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Mom said...

Hilarious pictures. Can't wait to see them next week. I cracked up at the boys on the kitchen table .. love ALL the smiles - oh my!