Monday, December 10, 2007

Preggo clothes

Yes, I am into maternity stuff for the most part. I do have a couple pair of pants and most of my skirts still fit (as long as they have an elastic waistband), but as far as work clothes I had to buy some new pants and tops. So now I am extremely comfortable even though I may not necessarily be big enough for them. At this point, I don't care. It's much better to have a belly panel and be comfortable than to wear my pre-pregnancy pants that are too tight and have my belly hanging over. That's always attractive.

John and I have chosen a painter for our rooms. It looks like they will be coming the second week of January and we will be all done! Of course I do have to pick the colors now which could be the hardest part of the entire process. They are even going to fix our amateur paint job in the living room and kitchen which is the best part of the whole deal because it really does look like crap. We also bought the first room worth of laminate flooring. John has already moved everything out of the man room (which was a chore because of all his dolls - oops, I mean bobbleheads) and pulled up all the carpet and padding. I think he is going to start installing the floor sometime this week. I am very excited about it. We are really on our way. After all the flooring is done we'll only have to worry about getting the backyard finished. All that will really entail is having someone come out and spread rock. That is not high on our priority list right now though so I'm not even thinking too much about it.

John's company holiday party is tonight at the arena. They are going to let everyone skate on the rink before dinner but unfortunately I won't get to and I'm disappointed about. Maybe next year. We're going to have someone take our picture for our Christmas card tonight so I'm hoping to get that stuff all printed and mailed by this weekend. Ideally, that's the way it will work. In reality, who knows.

Our next appointment is December 20 and that is just a basic check-up so I don't know that there will be much to report there. I'll try to put something up though.

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Jenn said...

Put up a picture of yourself so that I can see! I want to paint next month too, but Rian thinks that it is stupid. I told him that I would rather get it done sooner than later and I want neutral stuff in the room anyways.