Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have noticed several things over the last month or so - really since we found out what we're having. What is the deal with all the country songs out right now about fathers/daughters, daughters getting married, etc.? For example, Carrie Underwood has a song out called All-American Girl, there is another one about stealing Cinderella or something, then there's the song about a dad welcoming his daughter's date into the house and telling him that he'll probably be up all night cleaning his gun. That is something John would do. I laughed when I heard it the first time. I just find it all very strange that all of sudden I am noticing all these songs.

I also mentioned to John this weekend, when it hit me like a brick, that we're going to have to pay for a wedding one day. He said that it wouldn't be for probably 30 or 35 years so we were okay. Apparently our daughter is not going to be allowed to date at least until after she graduates from college. News to me. We'll see how well that goes over 14 or 15 years from now.

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