Monday, April 21, 2008

Jenn & Rian's Visit

Jenn and Rian came out for a visit this weekend and it was really a lot of fun. We had a mini baby shower with just the four of us. This is the cake that we got for me:
I tried to write "Vaginas Rule" in pink icing. First problem, I didn't read the instructions on the back of the icing packet before I bought it. So I get home and I don't have an icing tip to write correctly. That's why it is all so globbed together. Second problem, is that I ran out of room while I was writing and I ended up having to write "Vagina Rules". Oh well. We get the point. We also had angel food with strawberries and Cool Whip for Jenn.

Jenn also brought some decorations. We played some adult version Mad Libs which was awesome. I had never seen them before and we did our best to make them as dirty as possible. I would say that we succeeded.

On Saturday night we went to the Diamondbacks game, but before hand we had dinner at a mexican restaurant. The servings were much larger than we anticipated. Jenn ordered nachos and Rian ordered a chile relleno with a burrito on the side. Needless to say they had plenty of food.

The game was fun too. The D-Backs won and we got to laugh our butts off at the woman sitting in front of us who had the oddest way of eating ice cream in a waffle bowl. She had ice cream all over her hands and it was hilarious. Plus her husband had quite the strategy for eating french fries dipped in ketchup. I suppose you had to be there to understand.

And of course we had to compare our bellies. I am on the left at a little over 33 weeks having a girl, and Jenn is on the right at a little over 29 weeks having a boy.

Our next class is on Wednesday. This is tour week - the one I've been looking forward to. I also signed up for a breastfeeding class that meets next week. It's a one shot deal so hopefully I'll get most of my questions answered. If not, there is a lactation consultant who works at the hospital so whenever I have the baby there is someone there I can talk to.

Next doctor's appointment is Tuesday. I get to leave work early. Woohoo!


Kelly said...

NOT FAIR not writing about them! I can't tell who is who on the last picture!

I hope you guys had a good visit!

Jenn said...

I am the bigger one in the blue. Oh yeah, remember that I am the one four weeks behind Becky. YAY! (she says in a smart ass voice).

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....that Mexican food looks goooood

Jenn said...

I was wondering if you got even one flattering picture of me last weekend? Everyone who reads this probably thinks I am some huge fat ass that only eats cake and big plates of nachos, meanwhile making disgusting faces in every picture you take of me!

Anonymous said...

I loved the small intimate baby shower! I'm so glad you all were able to spend this special time together. Both Moms bellies look fabulous! :-) And Beck, the next time I'm in Phoenix, I want to go to that restuarant!! I love you. MOM