Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I hope everyone had a very nice Easter. We had a quiet one, though we did manage to get up and out of the house for 8:00 a.m. mass in about 20 minutes after O woke up at 7. We didn't want to be at church during her nap time at 10 so we pushed it to get to the 8:00, but we made it. She did awesome! We sat in the cry room but probably didn't need to. She didn't cry, though she did babble a bit. We did have to leave early though because an hour and 5 minutes into it, when we still hadn't had Communion yet, she was getting antsy. So John walked outside with her while I went and got Communion. She looked absolutely adorable in her beautiful pink dress and ruffled socks and ballet slipper shoes. You can really get an idea of all the hair she now has in these pictures. Her skirt was so poofy that we had a hard time getting her into her car seat. I had to take some pictures of once we had her in. Luckily her dress didn't wrinkle because of all the tulle!The Easter Bunny did bring her an Easter basket. She got some cool little Koosh balls, some squishy sports balls, a bunny, a flower, a hat and a pen with some feathers on it. She doesn't really get to play with the pen much though because we don't want her to eat the feathers, but it's so funny to watch her face when the feathers tickle her nose. She also got one of those collapsible bunny toys. The ones where you push the bottom up and the elastic relaxes and the bunny collapses then stands up again when you release the bottom (does that make any sense?).
I had to take the next picture because when I walked in to check on her before I went to bed last night she was asleep like this. She is on top of her blanket and monkey, which is not out of the ordinary, but I loved that she was out with her foot through the slats of the crib. I don't know how this is comfortable.
We took O to the Coyotes final home game last Saturday and she did awesome. She had a lot of fun looking around at all the people and waving to the two boys in the seats behind us. Tomorrow is her last day at her current day care facility. I am so sad about it. She loves her teacher there, and while all the teachers have been placed at other locations, her favorite is not going to the one she will be attending (though there will be one of the other teachers there). She doesn't know that she won't see this woman again. She won't understand what is happening when she goes to a new day care and doesn't know anyone there and I feel terrible about it. And she'll have to do this twice! Our new facilities infant room is not scheduled to open until the end of May so we are going to put her at a temporary place for a few weeks starting May 4. My mom and sister are going to come out the two weeks in between and help out for a few days each watching her so John and I don't have to take any time off work. It just totally sucks!
I still very much want to stay at home with O so I have started looking into work from home opportunities that I can do on a part-time basis so that John and I can get some supplemental income to help make additional payments on some debts in order to get them paid off sooner. This will allow me to stay at home permanently. One day! I did start my own work from home business marketing for an international wellness company. I do two things. I introduce people to the company and their products and help them set up their accounts (no selling involved!) and I help other people set up their own home-based business. It's great because the products are really impressive - all-natural everyday necessity products that you buy anyway but that are healthier for your family and home - and it allows me to set my own hours and only work as much as I want to or have time for. It's really up to me how much I want to make. It's not a bad gig.


Me Too said...

LOVE the Easter pics. How big is that tutu???? And the slippers are adorable! We went to sunrise service and looked around for you - thought you might have made it up, but only we were crazy enough to set an alarm for 4:15 am so we could go!!!!

J, B, O, J & Z said...

Yeah, we were sleeping during sunrise service. I'm surprised that Kyle was willing to go after working the night before. Good for him! What mass do you usually go to? The tutu is huge and she was so cute!

Kelley said...

Ahhh! She looks so cute in her princess dress! Did you wear a matching one? ;-) Thanks for posting the pics - I'm glad she got to wear it for Easter!

Cindy said...

Hey Becky! That dress sure looks familiar!( I remember how you used to wear your little pink dress ALL OF THE TIME!)When Kelley found that dress for O she called me all excited and I am sure she is loving seeing O in it~ (Kelley so coveted that dress you had when you were little girls)
O looks like a princess in her Easter finery.

Patti said...

Oh my gosh - Livi is so adorable in the "pink" dress. I wonder if she'll want to wear it EVERYDAY?

I'm ready for some "O time"!