Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't show John!

First, I just wanted to say Happy 28th Birthday to Erin and Happy 35th Anniversary to my parents. Both were yesterday. We love you guys!

John will have my head if he sees what shirt Olivia is wearing in these pictures. Danny got it for her for her birthday and I finally put it on her last night to sleep in (while John was at his softball games - I knew he wouldn't see it). He hates the University of Texas and was dead-set against her putting it on even once. Too late. I hope he'll forgive me. I got some cute pictures last night of O and me that I wanted to put up. I haven't put up pictures in a long time so I figured an update was needed.
I love her big blue eyes!
Chillaxin' before bed in her Barbie papasan chair
O is doing great. She is about 14 1/2 months and is all over the place. Walking, trying to run, babbling up a storm, squealing. Sometimes she is extremely loud and we all know where she gets that. Definitely not from John's side. Her hair is starting to get pretty long but also super crazy. It sticks out, hangs in her eyes, and easily gets food in it. It doesn't help that she likes to put her hands in her hair when she's eating too.
Stuck in her book basket - she wasn't happy shortly after this picture was taken
John and I are doing well too. Still waiting to hear about all the Coyotes stuff. The next important days are September 2 and September 10. Hopefully there won't be another delay. I am headed to Austing September 11-14 to do wedding stuff with my sister and my mom. I'm so excited! Dress shopping, visiting the reception site, etc. I don't know yet if O and John are going to come with me but I'm hoping they do. It'll be nice to get away from PHX for a while but John doesn't want to be gone if something happens with the Coyotes.

Also, we are having a margarita night on the 29th! A great group of friends has been assembled for the night. We have Margaritaville margarita mix in regular and mango flavors. Yum. Also, we have the tequila ready to go, and a new blender. We're planning on tacos/fajitas for dinner. Who else wants to come?!


Jenn said...

Me. I want to come. You know I love margaritas, especially when I DO NOT have pneumonia.

Bobcat said...

I really don't like the color of the shirt or the school it represents, BUT oh my my ... Livi is adorable in it AND I love the pic with mom and daughter! Too cute! I want to suck her cheeks! (Olivia's not Becky's) :-)