Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Erin & Ryan's Wedding - Part 2 (Wedding Day Prep!)

Erin's wedding day didn't start bright and early.  For her at least.  She slept in and woke up to some mimosa's and awesome breakfast tacos that Jaime made for all of us (John and my parents included).  Erin had hired a hair and make-up person to come to the house making it a stress-free morning and early afternoon.  My mom and I also had our hair and make-up done.  Erin's friends Courtney and Clarissa came by with cupcakes around lunch time so we all hung out and ate some more. 
The before shot!
With the veil - obviously.  Isn't she beautiful!  And yes, that is baseball on behind her.  We were watching the Cubs/Astros game.  I still had to root for the Astros - even on E's wedding day.
Erin got Olivia a great little bag and an engraved star shaped box with a cute bracelet inside.  I, of course, proceeded to forget to put it on Olivia before we left for the wedding.  At least it fits!
This is the gorgeous James Avery ring that Erin got me (along with a monogrammed canvas tote).  I LOVE it!
O and Demarcous with hair done.  Dress is next.
Ready to go, thought O almost went down the aisle in bare feet.  I had two different pairs of shoes for her knowing that she could be fickle and not want to wear one of the pairs.  In this case she didn't want to wear either but I finally got her in the butterfly flip-flops (the other pair were sparkly purple mary jane's).  She was so cute.
Getting the bride zipped into her dress - actually I think this was pinning the dress to the undergarments so that they didn't show.  I think she is talking to Olivia at this point.  (BTW - I loved my dress and I don't say this a lot about myself but I looked good that day!)  =)
I can just imagine what she is thinking here.

I was what I liked to call "The Enforcer" post-church arrival and pre-ceremony.  Erin didn't want anyone coming into the room while she was getting ready other than just a few people.  I was mostly successful when I was aware of what was going on in that regard.  I did have to turn Steph away (sorry Steph!) but some aunts and cousins made their way in.  Oops.  No harm done.

Stay tuned for Part 3 - Ceremony!

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