Monday, May 10, 2010


While I work on the rest of my posts on Erin & Ryan's wedding here are some random pictures of our life.
I can finally get O's hair into a ponytail - it is so cute!
She is applying chapstick.  To her tongue.  I don't know why.
This is why I love Texas.  This truck was Texas orange though the picture doesn't show it that well.
At a Coyotes game
There is no telling what she was angry about here but I thought it'd be funny to get a picture.
We had dinner with Jeff & Shannon before a couple of hockey games.  This is what my daughter did during one of those dinners.  At least she was entertained.
That spoon in the sour cream is what Olivia was using to eat said sour cream.  Straight.  She seemed to like it.  What a weirdo!  Must get that from her dad.
She still sleeps in really odd positions.  She isn't ready for a toddler bed yet.


MamaG said...

Cute pictures! I love the ponytail one. Does she ever try and crawl up on the bumper? I had to take Katie's out of her crib awhile ago because I was afraid she would climb out.

J, B, O, J & Z said...

She actually hasn't. I have left it in there because she sticks her legs through and gets stuck. The bumper prevents her from doing that.