Friday, May 14, 2010

O's First Trip to the Zoo

We (finally!) took Olivia for her first trip to the zoo and she really enjoyed it.  She especially loved all the ducks and monkeys.  By the end of the trip she was ready to go so we'll have to go back and do the aquarium again - plus there were so many people that it was difficult to really take everything in.
Loved the swans (I think they reminded her of the pictures in one of the books we read her before she goes to bed).
Didn't so much love the carousel.  She's grabbing on to John in this picture so that he'll take her off the lizard she chose to ride.  She didn't like it going up and down but didn't mind going round and round.
I really liked this picture - she sure does love her daddy!
Checking out some monkeys
We stopped for a break and had some Icee's.  O's shirt is pretty cool, huh?
She loved touching the shells of the tortoises.  They didn't seem to mind either.
John couldn't get the food into her hand for her to be able to feed these guys.  They were too pushy!
She made it further into the ride home than either of us expected.
A couple hours at the zoo is exhausting!

We went to the Wildlife World Zoo and one of things that I like best about it is that they have a giraffe feeding station.  It's awesome, but the giraffes weren't feeding when we were there and I was so disappointed.  We'll take her back and see what she thinks of that at another time.

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Me Too said...

Um, YES - her shirt IS awesome!! And I love the way she slept when she got home. Pure exhaustioN!!!

We'll go next time with ya - maybe a weekday so it's not so crowded?